Specializing in Hand & Shoulder Therapy




Fee Schedule

Self-Pay Rates:

$125 per Initial Evaluation per body part

$75 per Treatment

For those with Insurance, our rates are the same but cost to you will vary depending on what your Insurance Company covers and if you have a deductible or copay. Please call us and we can verify your insurance to see if we can take your insurance and to see if they cover our service type. Please contact us with your information so we can verify it for you.

Custom Splint Rates:

Splint Rates vary by orthotic needed based on diagnosis/condition. Please contact our billing personnel for correct rates which are based off allowed diagnostic L-codes. Please verify with your insurance to see what percentage they will cover if any at all. There is a 50% discount for our self-pay patients if paid in full on same day as receiving a customized splint.

Fee Schedule:

Fee Schedule